The Best Jiu Jitsu Gi For The Buck $$ – FUJI All Around Review

I’ve been away from this site for a little while now, but I haven’t been away from the mats or trying out new gear. There’s going to be some great gear being reviewed in the next few months. Starting with none other than the best Jiu Jitsu gi for the value under $100…The Fuji All Around BJJ Gi. I’m not going to give an in-depth technical review of all the bells and whistles on this gi (the YouTube video below will do that).

I bought this gi at MMA Warehouse, thinking it would be a cheap gi and have shrinkage issues like my old Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear Lightweight Gi, but I was wrong. I bought an A4 hoping it would shrink down to an A3, but it didn’t happen. For a cheap gi under $100 this gi had no shrinkage at all. This was of course good and bad. Bad because I needed it to shrink as there’s no way in hell I can wear a legit A4 since I’m 6′ 185 lbs. Even though this gi was essentially a size too big, I put a lot of hours into this gi.

Reasons To Own The Fuji All Around Gi

I really like this kimono because of it’s simplicity. This gi has minimal patches, artwork, and “flair”. I think I can speak for a lot of guys who have been in the game close to a decade when I say, “just give me a plain white gi with nothing on it.” Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want to train in a gi that has all kinds of patches, colorful stitching, special pant enclosure gadget, fire breathing tribal artwork designs, and well…you get the idea. The Fuji All Around Gi’s special beauty is its simplicity. Check out my A4 below.

Fuji All Around Gi Review

Another reason why this is the best possible gi a BJJ practitioner can own for under $100 is the durability of the Fuji All Around. The best way I can describe the durability of this kimono is that it’s a TANK. Seriously, this gi is one of the toughest gi’s I own, and I would compare it’s durability to the Koral MKM (my review on the Koral MKM can be seen here).

This Fuji comes with reinforced side vents (check out the pic below), sleeve openings, and shoulder support. You would think Fuji would have cut some corners and left out these reinforcements, but they didn’t skimp on quality and it definitely shows.

Fuji Gi Reinforcements inside

The collar on this gi is absolutely perfect, it’s thick and wide (oh yeah!). Perfect for training at your academy but also a good dependable design if you are serious about competing in tournaments. This gi is IBJJF approved as long as you meet the IBJJF uniform requirements. Check out the collar pic below…

Fuji Gi Collar

Disadvantages Of The Fuji All Around

This is going to be short, because the Fuji has very few disadvantages, especially for a gi under $100. The only disadvantages I could find with this gi, is that it is a single weave and the pants and gi top do feel somewhat thin. Other than that, if you like a flashy gi with fire breathing tribal dragon designs…the simplicity of the Fuji would be a disadvantage. For me personally, I view the plain white gi as a model for up coming gi companies to keep their designs simple. Long time practitioners don’t want super flashy gi’s, at least in my experience.

Wrapping it up, whether you’re a total newb or a longtime Jiu Jitsu practitioner, this is a must have gi to have in your collection. It’s simple, basic, durable, and it feels great to roll in. If you have any questions or comments about these gi please feel free to share them below. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the YouTube video reviewing the Fuji All Around Gi below!

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